We offer a variety of rejuvenating massage treatments.



Swedish Massage

A massage style designed to increase circulation and loosen and relax tight muscles, and may incorporate gentle stretching. Traditionally done using light to moderate pressure. Available in 30, 60 or 90 Minutes.    

- $45-$75-$110


Deep Tissue

A massage in the Swedish style, incorporating deeper pressure, often using elbows, knuckles, and therapeutic tools, to relieve deep trigger points, knots, and tension. Includes sports and Orthopedic massage techniques, as well as myofascial release as necessary. Available in 30, 60, or 90 Minutes.   

- $45-$75-$110


Hot Stone Therapy

A massage in the Swedish style, incorporating basalt lava stones, heated in a roasting pan to the temperature of a heating pack, sauna, or hot tub. Muscles are soothed, and tension melts away. Available in 60 or 90 Minutes.  

- $80-$115


Pre-Natal Massage

Massage based in the Swedish style, with special considerations for positioning, and caution/contraindication areas during pregnancy. Can be done face up, with reclining table/face down on special prenatal tummy pillows, or side-lying position, for your unique comfort needs. Available in 30 or 60 Minutes.       

- $45-$80


Special Therapies


Neuro Tap & Stroke

A unique, gentle, rhythmic nervous-system calming massage incorporating gentle joint movements and rocking to allieviate stiffness, pain, and muscle tremors. Designed especially for clients with Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis.

Available in 60 Minutes. 

- $80


Scar Tissue and Adhesion Release

Focused, selected-area massage techniques incorporating Swedish, Lymphatic Drainage and Myofascial Release techniques to areas of scar tissue from injuries or surgeries. Helps encourage the body to repattern scar tissue into more functional, flexible, smooth tissue. Best when done in a series of shorter massages closer together.  

  - Starting at 30 minutes

$40  - Series available


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